Spray Foam Attic Insulation Saves Energy

Taking some preventive measures, homeowners could save money, while making their contribution to saving environments and get prolonged service from HVAC system.

Measures and procedures are quite many and vary from using appropriate variety of building materials to selection of efficient domestic appliances. Though most owners of present houses can’t really have much control over many of the factors, they can yet carry significant modifications without investing huge sums of money.

Two most important areas that homeowners certainly have control over are insulation and sealing. Air leaking from the house or entering the house causes similar effects.

Controlling Air Leaks

Open windows and doors along with small crevices and opening facilitate entry of outside air into the house. While keeping the windows and doors closed is more of a behavioral subject, sealing of areas around other outlets like jambs is practically an easier way to block the outside air from entering the house. Sealing is imperative for maintaining internal temperature and humidity at comfortable levels.

Maintaining Proper Air Flow

spray foam insulation denverGood ventilation is a part of airflow, quality of indoor air and moisture control. Forced purposeful movement of air brought around using exhaust fan, whole-house fans, or ductwork checks unnecessary build-up.

Foam Insulation

During winters, hot air, needed to keep you warm, continues to move to cooler areas within the room. These areas could be walls, ceiling, floor and outdoors too. As a result you continue to lose heat, causing strain on HVAC system to maintain the inside temperature. In summers it’s reverse with hot air coming in to warm up your cold room and once again the HAVC needs to work harder. Apart from increased energy bills, this leakage of air adversely affects the life of your heating and cooling system.

Insulation restricts the flow of heat. It slows down the movement of warm air wanting to escape to a cooler area. Many insulating materials, like fiber, blanket and foam can be used for attic insulation. Another new technique known as reflective insulation or radiation barrier is frequently employed in association with blanket insulation. Having reflective foil on the floors restricts the flow of radiant heat that gets reflected back to the point of its origin, and thus can’t escape to cooler areas. Simply put it means that in winters the heated area will maintain comfortable level of temperature for long as there won’t be much loss of warm air. Likewise, in summer the living area will retain its cool, as external hot air is unable to enter the room.

Such simple changes that aren’t too expensive to implement make your life more comfortable at reduced energy expense!

Denver Spray Foam Attic Insulation


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